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PVL, The UK's largest distributor of:

Pressure Switch / Switches, Flow Switch, Level Switch / Switches, Pressure Transducer, Float Valve / Valves, Temperature Switch, ATEX Pressure Switch (explosion proof), Level Sensor / Sensors, Solenoid Valve, Flow Meter / Meters, Vacuum Switch, Float Switch, Electronic Pressure Switches & Pressure Melt Transducers for the Hydraulics, Pneumatics & Processing Industries.

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Latest Products From PVL
Wireless Bluetooth Pressure Transducer
  A truly original, market leading
creation, The TDWLB series is
the first pressure transducer in
the world to feature wireless
Bluetooth technology & it uses
a patent pending design to
connect transducers to tablets
& smartphones through the
use of a downloadable free app.
For more information please
click here
or call us on 01892

The Ultimate Superhero Car

Aside from fighting crime and
keeping the streets safe with
the help of your sophisticated
vehicle, being a superhero is
also extremely cool. But top-of-
the-range superhero cars
require reliable technology, as
the last thing you want to see is
the bad guys getting away
because the machine breaks

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